Re-inspection Asbestos Survey

Re-inspection of asbestos surveys

Audit surveys should be accompanied by re-inspections every 12 months to continue assessing ACMs outlined during the examination. This is how asbestos certification can be kept up to date. To ensure their safe leadership, ACMs discovered during the survey must be added to the asbestos attendance rates on a yearly basis. Surveys for restoration and deconstruction

To configure all areas in a destruction and renovation survey, a destructive investigation may be required. ACMs can be found in any position that requires repair, routine maintenance, or explosives work.

According to CAR 2012, all ACMs should be detachable to the fullest extent possible prior to repair, minor overhauling, and final destruction (regulation 7). To discuss asbestos risks, design professionals able to bid on the work may be required to file an asbestos evaluation.